Eight ones in the CSEC!

1st in the TCI GSAT!
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    Barbara Atkins - Bahamas
  • Caribbeanexams subscriber Tahan Towler earned a place at the prestigious Harrison College in Barbados. "CaribbeanExams is excellent!"
    Ephraim B Towler - Barbados
  • "The development of the CaribbeanExams CSEC system should be considered a great achievement. It has helped students like me, who sometimes finds the classroom boring, to acquire additional knowledge in an interesting way. I really love your website, as it has given me additional enthusiasm in the pursuit of excellence. Keep up the good work!"
    Deveka Sinclair, Jamaica
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    Jonbonae - 2010 Turks and Caicos Island's top student
  • CaribbeanExams.com subscriber Kristoff Malcolm received the third highest scores in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the 2007 GSAT. Well done Kristoff!
    The CaribbeanExams.com Team
  • "I found the CaribbeanExams GSAT system very useful."
    Jalayah Francis, Turks and Caicos Islands
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    Angulique Pereira, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
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    Michelle Greaves, Anguilla
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    Davidson Charles, Antigua and Barbuda
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    Paula Lee
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    Tamika Cash, Commonwealth of The Bahamas
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    Leahcim Semaj, Ph.D., Jamaica
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    Dr. Raymoth Notice, Jamaica
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    Joseph Cassell, Montserrat
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    Nikisha Ramcharan, Trinidad and Tobago
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    Randy Maharaj, Trinidad & Tobago
  • "Darius Coakley Jr. did exceptionally well on the GSAT placing 7th in the Country. We are extremely proud of him and would like to send a big Thank you to the organizers, partners and teachers of the CaribbeanExams Website."
    Mom, Turks & Caicos
  • CaribbeanExams.com delivers an excellent test preparation experience. The site is intuitive and well-designed. The content presented in the test simulations is relevant and skillfully written. Learning should be exciting … This site is user-friendly and helpful, making learning fun … which is the way it should be. Great job!
    Sherese Collie, MBA, BA, Commonwealth of The Bahamas
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    Professor Trevor Munroe, Jamaica
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    Ruel Reid, Principal, Jamaica College
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    Aquilla Henry, BA, Teacher, Merl Grove High School, Jamaica
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    Jefferey Thompson, PhD, Lecturer, Jamaica
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    Anthony Brown, PhD, Jamaica
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    Carmen Barrett, PhD, Jamaica
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    Samuel Holder - Deputy Principal - Kingstown Preparatory
  • "I think CaribbeanExams is a very good programme for our students. It provides a lot of practice and parents can work along with the students... what I like most is the most the fact that students have notes they can download and print... I am quite certain that the children will benefit immensely."
    Eulin Vibart-Pierre Principal - Barrouallie Government School
  • "This is a very interesting and informative programme!"
    Pamella Cox Biam - Barrouallie Government School
  • "Mills Institute had 100% passes in the 2011 GSAT. Thanks CaribbeanExams."
    Debbie Mills, Principal, Mills Institute
  • "CaribbeanExams Partner - BEST Institute achieved 100% passes in the 2011 GSAT..."
    Leonard Glasgow, Principal, BEST Institute
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    Mrs. Yvonne Hutchinson, Principal, Precious Treasures
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    Candice Williams, Teacher, Enid Capron Primary, Turks and Caicos Islands
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    Donna Redwood, Teacher, Turks and Caicos Islands
  • "I write in endorsement of this excellent new undertaking by the GoGSAT and CaribbeanExams team. It is comprehensive, responsible and really up to date. As a parent it allows for continuous involvement. We find it exciting and uncomplicated. I invite the Caribbean private sector and other corporate bodies to support this truly laudable initiative …"
    Everton Hannam, Secretary-General, Jamaica National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Orgazination (UNESCO)
  • "This is an innovative attempt to marry technology with practical wisdom to get students to hone their technological skills while getting the well-needed practice to prepare for the GSAT"
    Claire Spence, Deputy Director, Office of General Development, USAID, Jamaica
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    Kurt Boothe, MBA, Businessman, Jamaica
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    Anthony McKenzie, MBA, Civil Servant, Jamaica
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    Michelle Palmer, Graduate Student, Jamaica
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    Kadeen Dennie, MIBA, Marketing Manager, Jamaica
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    Alicia Hussey, LLB, Attorney at Law, Jamaica
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    Lorna Hanlon, Pharm.D, Pharmacist, Jamaica
  • "The CaribbeanExams site is great! It is easy to follow and very informative. The resources are also very helpful. The help desk is fast and efficient and there are lots of notes to help kids."
    Dawn Higgs, Turks & Caicos Islands
  • "The websites exclusive examination techniques will show students super speed methods to get through the questions they know with ease, saving them time so they can concentrate on the hardest questions without rushing."
    Caribbean Net News, Tuesday, April 25th 2006
  • "There is no limit to the number of times a student can attempt each of the many practice tests in each subject area. In addition, tips are provided to enable students to develop skills to answer the various question types, and detailed test strategies are provided for both parents and students."
    The Jamaica Observer, Sunday October 30, 2005