eLearning and Test Preparation - Caribbean High School Students

The Ministry of Education endorsed CaribbeanExams programme provides quality examination preparation and online help to Caribbean students in grades 7-13. Students can register via Western Union, Paypal, telephone, Scotiabank or online as shown below. Gold registration gives you access 100% of the content plus access to online tutors. Silver registration gives you access to 100% of the content. Bronze registration gives you access to 20% of the content.

Online Registration

Please click any link in blue below to register online with a credit card.

Grades 7-9 English Language
Grades 7-9 English Literature
Grades 7-9 Mathematics
Grades 7-9 Integrated Science
Grades 10-11 Mathematics
Grades 10-11 English A
Grades 10-11 English B
Grades 10-11 Physics
Grades 10-11 Chemistry
Grades 10-11 Biology
Grades 10-11 Integrated Science
Grades 10-11 Spanish
Grades 10-11 Geography
Grades 10-11 History
Grades 10-11 Principles of Business
Grades 10-11 Principles of Accounts
Grades 12-13 Biology
Grades 12-13 Physics
Grades 12-13 Chemistry
Grades 12-13 Sociology
Grades 12-13 Caribbean Studies
Grades 12-13 Communication Studies
Grades 12-13 Geography
Grades 12-13 History
Access to PDF study notes.
Parent email notification.
Access to dynamic tests (questions change).
Access to printable handouts and worksheets.
Access to Syllabi.
Access to a comprehensive FAQ
Access to a free PDF training manual.
Access to integrated technical support.
Access to an eBulletin board.
Access to a real-time enotebook
Access to a real time grade book.
Access to interactive study tests.
Access to multimedia study notes.
Access to integrated chatrooms.
Access to homework help.
Access to educational games.
Composition/essay grading.
Access to topic specific tests.
Integrated online grading of short answer questions.
Access to a 24/7 online help desk.
Access to static tests.

Scotiabank Registration

Click here to learn how to register at Scotiabank.

Western Union

Please email admin@caribbeanexams.org to find out how to register by paying at Western Union.

Telephone Registration

Please call us on (954) 246-4535 or (876) 926-1221 to register via telephone with a credit card.

Online Primary and High School

Shalette East Virtual Academy (SEVA) is an established online school that offers complete Internet delivered courses to pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, middle and high school students. Our courses are tailored to meet specific curricula and students are well-prepared to sit select national, regional and international examinations. SEVA combines over 200 certified teachers, the latest technology and a customized learning plan to ensure academic success. All SEVA students have access to a wide array of etextbooks, ehandouts, videos, educational games, thousands of practice questions, topic specific tests, study guides, topic specific notes, animated notes, pre-tests and post-tests. SEVA students also participate in online class discussions and live tutorials facilitated by our experienced teachers. Students can enroll full-time or part-time in one or more of our 113 dynamic online courses. SEVA has served hundreds of students worldwide since 2013. Please click here to be redirected to the Shalette East Virtual Academy portal.