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eLearning and Test Preparation
The Ministry of Education endorsed CaribbeanExams programme provides quality examination preparation and online help to Caribbean students. This is done through the provision of educational games, thousands of practice questions, topic specific tests, study guides, topic specific notes, animated notes, pre-tests and post-tests. In addition to access to test preparation materials, CaribbeanExams also provides students with access to live tutorials facilitated by live tutors, essay grading, eMentoring, 24/7 help, as well as daily homework and research assistance. Registration gives you access to over 10 BJC and BGCSE subjects.
Registration can be done online (click the links in blue below). Gold registration gives you access to 100% of the content plus access to tutors. Silver registration gives you access to 100% of the content. Bronze registration gives you access to 20% of the content.


Intensive Literacy Course
The aim of the CaribbeanExams Intensive Literacy Course is to improve students' basic literacy skills. Students are taught important Language Arts concepts and are presented with comprehensive practice exercises which serve to cover and cement the concepts taught. Students' progress is rigorously and systematically analyzed by a CaribbeanExams literacy professional who looks for signs of progress and gives written feedback to parents. In addition, students are allowed to participate in live teacher-led tutorials. This allows students to ask questions and get immediate feedback. Furthermore, students are allowed to leave questions on their help desk for their personal tutor. Studies show that our participants experience a rise in their reading level and are better able to cope upon return to their mainstream lessons. Register your child for our one year Intensive Literacy course today and see a marked improvement in his/her reading, writing and comprehension skills!

Online Summer Camp ($25 Per Subject)
The CaribbeanExams Summer Camp is a one month intensive programme covering ALL SUBJECTS at the primary and high school level. Please email to confirm space availability before registering.

Brain/Memory Training
Working memory can be conceptualized as a mental workspace used to store information. There are many different signs of working memory problems including difficulty: completing multi-step tasks, concentrating, remembering what you are doing in the middle of something, focusing when talking, remembering instructions, multitasking, repeating steps in a task, with reading comprehension, with mental arithmetic and mathematics problem solving, completing tasks independently, meeting deadlines, prioritizing multiple demands, remembering homework assignments etc.

College and University Assignments
CaribbeanExams provides expert assistance to Caribbean College and University students to aid in the successful completion of homework and assignments. We assist students pursuing Associate, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programmes. Our experts are available 24x7 so you can expect prompt reply to your assignments with very reasonable quotes. You need to register in order for us to create your account so that you can use our service. Registration can be done online or at our office. Once you register, you can begin submitting your homework or professional assignments for a quotation.