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CaribbeanExams provide quality examination preparation and online help to Bahamian students in grades seven through twelve. This is done through the provision of educational games, thousands of practice questions, topic specific tests, study guides, topic specific notes, animated notes, pre-tests and post-tests. In addition to access to test preparation materials, our systems provide students with access to live tutorials facilitated by live tutors, essay grading, eMentoring, 24/7 help, as well as daily homework and research assistance. Please click here to register.

Online High School
The CaribbeanExams Virtual Academy (CEVA) is a private online school serving Caribbean students in grades 7-13. Our courses facilitate learning at home, on the road, or wherever an Internet connection can be found. All CEVA students have access to a wide array of etextbooks, ehandouts, videos, educational games, study guides, topic specific notes and animated notes. In addition to access to course materials, CEVA students participate in live online class discussions and etutorials facilitated by live teachers. Please click here to register.